segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2007

The empty afternoon

Daydreaming in the afternoon (or 'on the'?). Do not know. Just spending my little time before some job, more job. Don´t know why they always want me there. Wanderer, bum (is it right?), that´s me. Do not like it, but need it. And they seem to love me each day more and more...

Uninteligible. But that's life, without logic or any kind of sense. My friend Jack K. was living alone on the highest tops of american mountains just to meditate, to think. He had no much needs. Was used to live with almost no money.

(I forgot when I am supposed to use 'on the' and 'in the'. Forgive my errors, if you find them).

And that's me, alone in the cyber cafe, with one cute girl on my side who doesn't even look to her side. She is very busy on her orkut stuff. On the other side there are plenty of crazy children playing their fucking games. I´m not interested in games anymore.

The trees fell to the ground on yesterday's storm. I was asleep almost all the day. 'worst hangover that I ever had', would say my friend Mark Knopfler, but it wasn't the worst. I've had worst before. Now I just get a little bit tired. You know, I´m not that young anymore.

On the 12th october, the trees fell down in Maringá, and I was there too. Soon they'll be calling me to go to brazilian northeastern regions to give them a little water.

I´m just writing with no reason, no story came to my head, but I feel a little melancholic (?) today. Maybe 'cause it's monday. In fact, I don't even know why am I writing all this bullshit in english. Maybe to convince myself that my english is getting worse everyday. But, besides all this, I won't study english, at least not for now. Need to put my italian on the trails. If my english is terrible, you can imagine my spanish and my italian. Even my fucking portuguese is bad. Bad to bone.

As always, I know that nobody is gonna read this text. First because it's in english. Second because it's too damn motherfucking big. People are lazy. I am a living proof of that, because it's hard to know someone lazier than me. But at least I'm not lazy on reading. Commonly, but sometimes...

Agora I gotta go. On the morrow I'll be drinking some beer with my friends on Madalena's bar. If you want, you can go.

"As long as I'm paying the bills, I'm paying the cost to be the boss."

3 comentários:

  1. O Gérsão, o pior é que eu ganhei um EcoSport, mas dispensei, não imaginei que você quisesse. Foi mal. Ah! escreve em Português aí porque eu ainda estou na fase To be do inglês. Abraço...

  2. Actually, you are fucking good.
    luv ya!

  3. tem gente que acha que fala inglês


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