sábado, 1 de maio de 2010

Dreaming shadows of the past

Sometimes it is incredible. She spinned a web of friendships so thin however intense, as if she wanted to heal deep scars from her past.

There is something of vulnerable in her attitude. Something she wants to hide but she let a tiny piece uncovered for the right people find and finally try to love her.

Her kids are a clue. The several relationships inconcluded. The need of alcohol and parties to forget - or at least to ease - the pains that hurt so deep inside her chest.

The memories alive, come out on her dreams. Sleeping she is helpless, an easy prey. She wakes up sweaty. She needs water. She needs peace.

At the moment, she can never live. She can only think.

Publicado em 29 de dezembro de 2007

2 comentários:

  1. eu imagino isso como a narrativa final de uma garota de algum filme da sofia copolla
    ficou bom

  2. porra alemão, traduz aí. abraço


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